Our firm started in 2000 as a small team of seasoned trial attorneys working around the clock to represent the interests of our clients in multi-million dollar lawsuits. Since then, we have grown: Gabriele & Marano now has 13 attorneys, several of which have over 30 years of experience.

We have the talent and resources to handle almost any type of legal matter with the same care and intensity as we did at the start. We pride ourselves on our intense client focus, shrewd strategic thinking, and efficiency.

Our priorities are simple: your needs, your schedule, and your goals. Our offices buzz with collaboration on legal issues and strategy. We use the varying expertise of each member of our staff to our advantage, bringing our best efforts to every courtroom and negotiating table.

Every case is reviewed for the possibility of early disposition. Our appellate staff monitors every trial for appealable issues.

We maintain office locations in New York City, Garden City, Port Jefferson, and Southampton for our clients' convenience. To accommodate our clients’ schedules, we also routinely conduct conferences and preparation sessions at our client's homes and businesses. We are as local as you need us to be.