Employment and Labor Law

We can assist you with the following legal services:

  • New York State Labor Law Violations
  • New York City Employment Discrimination Law
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Race Discrimination in Employment
  • Sex Discrimination in Employment
  • Age Discrimination in Employment
  • Religious and Ethnic Heritage Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Employment
  • Breach of Employment Agreements
  • Negotiating or Reviewing Employment Contracts
  • Negotiating Severance Agreements
  • Arbitration of Employment Agreements
  • Family Medical Leave Act Violations (FMLA Leave)
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (Denial of Reasonable Accommodation)
  • International Employment
  • Fair Labor Standards Act Violations (Minimum Wage and Overtime)
  • Improper Denial of Pension Benefits
  • Pension Law Violations (ERISA)

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  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Drunk Driving/Dram Shop Liability
  • Intentional Torts
  • Dog Bites
  • Slip and Fall
  • Work-Related Injury
  • Products Liability
  • Construction Site Accidents
  • General and Professional Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Toxic Tort